Space type definition. It is an object-oriented wrapper for requests to a Tarantool server space.

class, space_name)

Object-oriented wrapper for accessing a particular space. Encapsulates the identifier of the space and provides a more convenient syntax for database operations.

  • connection (Connection) – Connection to the server.

  • space_name (str or int) – Space name or space id to bind.


get_space() exceptions

call(func_name, *args, **kwargs)

Deprecated, use call() instead.

delete(*args, **kwargs)

Refer to delete().

insert(*args, **kwargs)

Refer to insert().

replace(*args, **kwargs)

Refer to replace().

select(*args, **kwargs)

Refer to select().

update(*args, **kwargs)

Refer to update().

upsert(*args, **kwargs)

Refer to upsert().